Creating a vampire effects in photoshop

Kamis, 10 Juni 2010

This first tutorial I wrote on this blog ..
yahh although it does not come from my ideas but I am trying to convey back to using my words ..
ok .. now we begin ..
The first stage of preparing photos that you have .. if people can sihh position in a picture like this my photo below ..

The first tool I would use is "Healing brush tool" that we use to remove small spots / acne (acne seasons are there .. dracula's so funny instead of scary .. hhaahh) .. This excess is photoshop, face full of acne can be kinclong magic ..

now press Ctrl-j in the keyboard, the purpose for copying the background, select the "foreground colors" to the Black and the "background" to WHITE. Then click the menu IMAGE>> Adjustments>> GRADIENTMAP then click OK.

Using the Eraser Tool, at all, except a picture of this woman.

Click on the first layer, make a circle cut in the eye, and then click COPY VIA layer.

layer drag the eye was assigned to the uppermost

Use GODGE TOOL for the iris

Create a new layer using the Brush Tool BLACK see picture below .. ..!

Gaussian Blur set to 2.0 px

BLOOD now use brushes.

yahh also pretty tired .. but still have the spirit of the maximum end result .. let's continue again the tutorial ..
The next step to use COLOR CODE # e0a1a1 and stain the face of this woman until some kind of picture below ..

GAUSSIAN wear Blur again, but now 52.4 px radius.

Multiply layer to exchange kalow .. ja ga liat understand the picture below ..

Now add two new layers with two colors, namely # and # 6b0606.Tukar 056adc COLORS layer to Dodge and change the layer opacity to 45% for # 6b0606 and to 41% for # 056adc.

This woman was ready to become a vampire picture .. HAHAHA
that was pretty emhss ko 'now so scary FEAR hihhh gini .. yahh ..

OK .. is so .. I'm sure my friends can create an image of this vampire effect within 10-30 mins .. what else to make friends who are accustomed to using existing tools in photoshop would be faster ..

oh yes, thank you very much for Mr.X (forgot to mention his name) who had designed the tutorials in the book related to 'Photo Effects using adobe photoshop "..

friends we meet again in the next tutorials ..
ehhh ... not to forget to give comment .

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